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Spotit Glossary

Spotit Glossary

IT related terms clarified

Within Spotit, we offer a lot of IT-focused solutions. Find out exactly what all our IT- and security-related terms mean through this glossary.

GDPR or general data protection regulation

The GDPR legislation is a European law that has been in force since May 2018. GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Within Spotit , we use a GDPR assessment to analyze the extent to which your company is legally compliant.  

Bescherm je data en persoonsgegevens met de GDPR-wet
Verbeter uw cybersecurity met blue & red teaming
Red & Blue teaming

The blue team acts as the defenders, trying to improve customer security on a daily basis. Often the security operations center, or the organization’s own IT department, takes on this role. The blue team plays the protector and the red team plays the attacker. Thus, both teams test cybersecurity. 

Chief Information Security Officer or CISO

The CISO, also known as Chief Information Security Officer, is a certified professional who helps you properly manage your business processes related to information security. 

Laat u helpen door een chief information security officer voor uw information security.

The Spotit Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) ensures that you can beat cyber criminals at their own game. This team intervenes and is available on demand or can be part of your contract with us.  


In cybersecurity, we deploy the right people, policies, processes and technologies to protect companies, their critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Within Spotit, for example, we set up cybersecurity maturity assessments to analyze the extent to which your company’s security strategy is effective.  

Cybersecurity maturity assessment
cybersecurity bewaken
Cybersecurity maturity assessment or Cybersecurity readiness assessment

Using workshops and frameworks, Spotit maps the maturity of your cybersecurity. In this assessment, we record what your company can still do to better secure itself against cybercrime, and what measures you are already applying.  

Data Protection Officer or DPO

DPOs check to what extent all aspects of the GDPR legislation are complied within your company. This Data Protection Officer has the necessary legal and technical skills and is the person of choice to relieve you of any worries regarding this legislation. 

DPO professional GDPR

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, or DMARC, provides better insight into your mail environment. This allows you to choose who is authorized to send mail from your domain name. This software also protects your brand name from phishing and spoofing 

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking or pentesting is the practice where, in a legal way, we try to get into your network just like real hackers. The goal here, of course, is to protect your company’s cybersecurity 

Ethical hacking
endpoint security smartphone laptop
Endpoint security

Within Endpoint security, we secure the end or access points of user devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktops against misuse or threats.  

GDPR assessment

Within this assessment, our team analyzes to what extent your company is already compliant with the GDPR legislation that has been in place since May 2018.  

Network high-level design
High level design

A high-level design is a draft, a plan outlining the needs of your business, new applications and strategic vision of your desired network. This practical plan simplifies cost management and is fully customized and future-proofed 

Information Security Officer or ISO

The ISO is the person par excellence responsible for monitoring and applying the information security policy. This professional guidance not only ensures compliance, but also evaluates and tests new security products and technologies 

laptop on clean desk
ISO 27001

This standard represents the international standard for information security. You can call on Spotit Security to analyze your entire information security 

ISO 27k assessment

To ensure that your company is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard, you can come to us for an ISO 27k assessment. In this audit, we analyze current measures, draw up a GAP analysis and formulate concrete action points 

big data ISO 27k assessment
M365 assessment

In a Microsoft 365, or M365 assessment, nearly 90 security elements are checked and analyzed. Each element is tested and the critical state of each is rated. After this assessment, you will receive recommendations to improve your security 

NaaS or Network as a Service

NaaS, or Network as a Service, is a cost model where we make modern, high-performance technology accessible and available at a low cost. Using this system, we improve productivity and enumerate thoughtful investments that improve your company’s infrastructure.  

servers network
Network virtualisation & automation or SDN

Via Software-Defined Networking, or SDN, it is easier to manage and automate your network. This ensures a secure and high-performance network that is at the same time flexible and user-friendly.  

Network Operations Center or NOC

Through Spotit Network Operations Center, or NOC, we are happy to take over the management of your network environment. Through this service, we unburden our customers and are able to continuously improve the network and security infrastructure 

Network Operations Center NOC
industry security assessment OT
OT/IoT security

Operational Technology / Internet of Things security or OT/ IoT security is becoming increasingly important. Being connected to the IT network, these technologies are also often exposed to vulnerabilities. The security of these systems can therefore be better ensured.  


Software Defined – Wide Area Network, or SD-wan, provides a more secure, stable and cost-efficient network, including from the cloud. It also reduces the time needed to deploy new services 

SD-WAN cloud network
Security & network assessment
Security & network assessment

In this intensive review, Spotit maps out your entire network environment and IT security. We put the pain points and quick wins on the table to then reduce the noted risks to an acceptable level.  

Security Operations Center or SOC

In the SOC, or security operations center, we monitor your IT environment 24/7. We get to work on detecting and stopping security threats in a timely manner every time. So you can focus on your company’s core business with peace of mind.  

Security operations center SOC
social engineering hacker
social engineering

Social engineering is the other term for criminals who carry out phishing attacks and try to attack your network environment in various ways. Through our training courses and simulations, we provide support 

UBA or User behavior analytics

User Behavior Analytics, or UBA, are tools that provide in-depth insights into the behavior of your users on your network. These tools also send out timely alerts when risky behavior is detected 

big data analytics