User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) tools geven u automatisch inzicht in het gedrag van de gebruikers op uw netwerk, en waarschuwen wanneer zich abnormaal of risicovol gedrag voordoet.

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What is UBA?

To guarantee the security of your network, we must monitor user activity over various assets, accounts, and cloud services. UBA tools provide you with thorough insight into the behaviour of the users on your network and alert you in time when high-risk behaviour takes place. This way you are never overtaken by events but instead can take rapid and efficient action.

What are the benefits?

Get to know your end user

Insight into the “abnormal” behaviour of the users on the network. So, you know what is happening on your network at all times. The end user is often the source of security breaches.

Early detection

Early detection of a breach or of malicious users.

Possibility to combine UBA with SOC

Possibility to combine UBA with SOC services for the complete assumption of all detect and response tasks.

What will you get?

  • Insight into the behaviour of your network users.
  • Handy User Behaviour Analytics tools to automatically map out user behaviour.
  • Warnings when abnormal or high-risk behaviour occurs, so you can take timely action.

Why is this a priority?

The behaviour of your network users is often unpredictable. By charting user behaviour, you automatically gain insight into the activities on your network, and into which users and entities are behind it. This way, you can easily recognise high-risk behaviour.