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Cybersecurity maturity assessment

How effective is your security strategy? Are the right policies, tools, procedures and people available to protect your organization? Is there a proven plan of action in place in the event of an information security incident?

Cybersecurity maturity assessment

What is a cybersecurity maturity assessment?

Using workshops, spotit maps out your cybersecurity maturity. Together, using a pragmatic approach and based on proven frameworks – such as UKC and NIST – we determine the steps needed to ensure further growth, so that you are better protected against cybercriminals. In addition to technological implementation processes, business and governance objectives are also part of this cybersecurity maturity assessment.

What are the benefits?

Independent assessment

A fresh look at the current measures within your organisation – are the right tools, processes, and resources in place?

Relevant points of improvement

Inventory of all shortcomings and opportunities within your environment, including related points of improvement that safeguard the core activities of your organisation.

For any organisation

Suitable for any type of organisation, regardless of size, sector, or IT maturity.

Strategic and technical

Broad portfolio of technical assessments (UKC and NIST) and assessments from a business and strategic point of view (ISO 27001).

What will you get?

  • Discover the weaknesses within your organisation before attackers can exploit them.
  • A technology-independent roadmap (multi-year plan) to increase security within your organisation.
  • The identification of quick wins from the standpoint of the “low effort/low cost – high gain principle”.
  • A complete overview of your current security posture compared to the target status and, if possible, to similar companies or industry peers.
Cybersecurity maturity assessment

How do we work?

  1. Kick-off meeting to discuss the objectives.
  2. Workshops with the various stakeholders to map out the current status.
  3. Preparation of the report.
  4. Presentation of the report, including quick wins and short and long term roadmaps.

Why is this a priority?

Discover the crown jewels within your organisation – where they are located, who has access to them, and how well they are secured. You receive a clear, practical roadmap including technological projects. The CFO can easily identify risks and avoid a false sense of security, while also managing the budget and the accompanying forecasting. And, the report provided is indispensable to the CEO, since it allows him or her to guarantee and optimise the continuity of the business.

Is your organization in line with the new NIS2 directive?

We expect the Belgian transposition of the EU directive by 17/10/2024. Schedule your assessment on time to avoid fines!

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Although we recommend having in-depth and personal discussions via workshops, it is also possible to send questionnaires that can be completed independently by the stakeholders. These questionnaires are designed to give us sufficient and thorough insight into the situation in your company.

The assessment is primarily strategically focussed on providing sufficient insights and advice on security measures to be implemented. If required, we can also play a role in determining the products to be purchased.