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Endpoint security

Since the end user is the most vulnerable and most targeted link in the chain, it is extremely important to sufficiently secure all endpoint devices, in addition to your network and the integrated applications.

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What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security focuses on securing all devices that allow access to your network. For example, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Cyber criminals can deliberately target these devices in order to gain access to your network. A well thought-out endpoint security strategy ensures that targeted attacks and malware do not stand a chance. 

The standard antivirus solutions are out of date – and often insufficient to block targeted attacks. Nowadays, these antivirus solutions are often replaced by an endpoint protection platform (EPP) that uses encryption and firewalls, among other things, to offer enhanced protection for end-user devices. Besides traditional client-server solutions, modern EPP solutions are increasingly making use of cloud-native architectures. 

In addition, vulnerability management and patch management are invaluable for keeping out unwanted activities. 

At spotit, we go even one step further! Our endpoint detection and response solution guarantees continuous monitoring of your endpoints with a view to proactive identification and advanced analyses based on Artificial Intelligence. So, we use a variety of actions to protect all your endpoints! 

And finally, we can easily onboard these endpoint security solutions into the spotit SOC, which then, in turn, ensures 24/7 management and monitoring of this solution. 

What are the benefits?

Complete unburdening

We manage, monitor, and configure your endpoint security platform.  



Acting proactively

Continuous analysis of the behaviour on endpoint devices to proactively adjust endpoint security for maximum protection. 

Integration in the SOC

Security risks are redirected to the SOC for thorough investigation.

Clear reporting

Comprehensive reporting on security risks based on detailed analysis. 

What will you get?

  • Design and implementation of an endpoint security platform adapted to your needs.
  • Full analysis of the threat and its lifecycle.
  • Intervention in the event of a security breach and assumption of the control of the environment to counter an attack.
  • Comprehensive reporting on security risks and the introduction of mitigation measures.

Why is this a priority? 

Every attack your company is confronted with either occurs on an endpoint device or passes through one. Endpoint devices are therefore crucial in protecting your company’s data, especially when you know that malware accounts for approximately half of all security breaches. 


A next-generation endpoint security solution is based on an analysis of real-time data obtained from user and system behaviours. This analysis allows the immediate detection of potential threats and advanced technologies, even before their execution. And this makes it possible to act immediately and combat these threats before they can do any damage. 

Traditional antivirus software, on the other hand, relies mainly on information about viruses that already exist and on the recognition of hashes. But because malware and viruses evolve and emerge so quickly, a traditional antivirus programme is often always just a little too late in recognising and reacting. In many cases, the damage has already been done, so the only recourse is to limit the damages as much as possible. 

Spotit only works with the best technology suppliers. When it comes to endpoint security, we can offer various options. The choice depends on the licences that the customer already possesses, the integration of the solution within the existing security environment, and the possible integration within an SOC and SIEM platform. To determine this, it is best if we sit down together to map out your IT environment and your specific objectives.

Is your organization in line with the new NIS2 directive?

We expect the Belgian transposition of the EU directive by 17/10/2024. Make sure your endpoint devices are secured to avoid fines!

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