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About us

Spotit builds and manages cybersecurity and network strategies for companies. Thanks to strong focus and in-depth expertise, spotit has grown into the largest independent Managed Security Services Provider in Belgium. Today, 100+ experts provide high-quality services to more than 175 companies.

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Spotit celebrates 10 years

Our founders Steven and Frederik met at during a previous job and decided to start their own company together: spotit was born. Their focus is and remains providing top quality with well-educated experts in the field of connectivity and security. They consider customers more like long-term partners and view their employees as their greatest asset. To celebrate 10 years spotit we interviewed them about the beginning years of spotit, their ambitions for the future, and asked them about a few fun anecdotes.

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Our added values

Innovative security & network services

Spotit offers a wide-ranging portfolio of technologies and services, from consultancy, assessments and pen testing to the set up of completely new security and network infrastructures. In addition to that, you can also count on us for training and 24/7 managed services via our NOC and SOC. 


Our added values

A team of experts

Security and network technology is constantly changing at a furious pace. At spotit, our goal is not only to keep up but to look ahead. Our highly trained employees have the necessary knowledge and certificates to make your project a long-term success. By the way, 90% of our employees have more than 10 years of project experience! We share this wealth of knowledge throughout the company, so that we can guarantee continuous availability and follow-up of your project. 

Our certificates, your advantage

Training and expertise are coded in the spotit DNA. As a result, we are constantly upgrading our skills to obtain the necessary certificates. These labels guarantee high-quality service provision. You are sure that you are working with a professional partner who is happy to act as your trusted advisor for the long term. 

Trust in technology is a good thing, but don’t underestimate the human factor. We believe that trust is the foundation of any partnership.
Wim Remes, Head of Operations at spotit
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What we stand for

Our mission

Spotit is your strategic partner that creates peace of mind with innovative security and connectivity solutions based on a vision, expertise and trust.

Empowering digital trust for connected people, businesses & machines

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What we do

Our offerings

Spotit offers a wide-ranging portfolio of security and network services. You can call on us for everything related to the Cloud, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. We are ready for the challenges on the horizon. You too? 

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Way of working

Our approach

No general goes to war without a plan. At spotit, that plan is the ‘Spotit Implementation Framework’, a concrete and systematic approach in which we determine in great detail how to achieve your goals and tackle your challenges. This approach pays off, because we usually deliver your project 20 to 30% faster than our competitors. 

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What we guarantee

Our promise

Your security and network are the backbone of your business. So, the implementation of your security & networking policy is not a one-off project but is part of your overall business strategy. We only get started once there is a concrete, strategic action plan on the table – an action plan aimed at achieving specific goals. 

Spotit wants to be your trusted advisor for your high-level security and network policy in the long term. Of course, we also offer the standard solutions, such as switches, routers, firewalls, and antivirus software. But where we really make a difference is with our high-tech knowledge, 24/7 Managed Services, our project-oriented approach, and our crystal-clear reporting. 

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Who we partner up with

Our partners

Our technology partners are important for delivering high-quality services, tailored to your environment and needs. We highly value our long-standing partnerships and make sure our engineers are always up-to-date on their latest technologies and certifications.

Colleagues testifying

Our values

Discover the testimonies of our colleagues and, discover how they daily experience the spotit values ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘human-2-human’, ‘to excel’ and ‘trust’ while performing their job.

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Our brand story

At spotit, we like to think ahead. Let us help you determine and, protect what’s valuable to you, so you don’t have to worry about the risks when it comes to cybersecurity and network performance.


That’s why our managed IT services only have one focus: your IT infrastructure. Make sure it’s completely secure, innovative and, performing optimally.


Being tech independent, we are able to advise you how to protect, detect and respond to possible threats, using the best technology the market has to offer.


But in the end, our highly talented experienced professionals make the difference. And, to ensure a smooth inflow of fresh experts, we founded our own spotit Academy.


As a multi-certified and trusted advisor, we offer tailor-made, in-depth analysis and, best-in-class solutions that match your business needs. That’s how you can always stay one step ahead.


If you haven’t heard from us yet, it’s probably because we are just doing our job:

protecting what matters most to our clients.

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