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Security & network assessment

An intensive screening of your IT environment by spotit experts, with the focus on security and networking. You receive an inventory of your current environment, an overview of the vulnerabilities, and initiatives designed to increase your security and network maturity.

What is a security & network assessment?

Spotit fully maps out your network and IT security environment from an objective, technical-operational point of view. Does everything comply with the latest standards and best practices? Our standardised, high-quality services expose the shortcomings in your environment. And to this, we link quick wins and improvement proposals, both for the medium and long term, to bring the identified risks to an acceptable level or even eliminate them completely.

What are the benefits?

Correct documentation of your environment

Thanks to a thorough screening of your environment, you will possess correct, up-to-date and, most importantly, relevant documentation of your environment. And with this documentation, you are able to organise your Governance (e.g. Lifecycle Management) more efficiently.

Identification of vulnerabilities

Using the best tools on the market, we analyse your network and identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, performance problems and end-of-life systems.

Operational roadmap

Based on the results, we advise you to improve the environment – using an operational roadmap or at your own pace – by making targeted, justifiable investments tailored to your needs.

Independent and objective assessment

The spotit assessment provides an independent and objective view of the existing network and security landscape. We consider this a stand-alone job in which the pace, the implementor and the timing chosen for optimising the environment is entirely up to the client.

What will you get?

  • High-quality, relevant documentation of the network and security infrastructure in accordance with spotit standards.
  • A roadmap with concrete action points for the short and long term.
Security & network assessment

How do we work?

  1. Kick-off meeting to identify the client’s shortcomings and objectives.
  2. Preparation of the initial snapshot of the infrastructure.
  3. An outline of the current set-up, (possible) problems and points for improvement in the short and long terms.
  4. Comprehensive reporting and presentation of results.

Why is this a priority?

“The network is slow” is one of the most commonly heard phrases when there are problems with applications. Although the network is not always the direct cause of the problem, we can still extract a lot of information from the network and that can help us pinpoint the exact problem.