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Information Security Officer

The Information Security Officer (ISO) is your point of contact for everything regarding your information security policy.

Information security officer ISO

What is an ISO?

The Information Security Officer (ISO) is responsible for developing, applying, and monitoring  information security policy policies that are aligned with the needs of your business. Companies do not always have the knowledge or manpower to take care of this in-house. Spotit can assist with this. 

What are the benefits?

Professional help

The ISO takes the lead in carrying out assessments and implementing mitigation measures.

He acts as a link

He acts as a link between senior management, developers, risk analysts, and auditors.


Guaranteed compliance with security policies.

A wide range of services

The ISO can be part of a multidisciplinary spotit team (DPO, architect, engineer), making it possible to provide a wide range of services with complementary and specialised functionalities.

Financial insight

The ISO prepares budget proposals to financially justify the necessary developments.

What will you get?

  • An expert who focuses on defining, implementing, and maintaining the information security policies and its related processes and procedures.
  • Management of security administrators, analysts, and IT professionals.
  • The evaluation, testing, and selection of new security products and technologies.
  • Training courses on security awareness protocols and authorisations throughout the organisation.

Why is this a priority?

Developing a security policy and vision is the starting point for your company’s security. The foundation of this policy must be strategically and thoroughly developed before you can take further steps to lift your cybersecurity maturity to the next level.  

Is your organization in line with the new NIS2 directive?

We expect the Belgian transposition of the EU directive by 17/10/2024. Make sure your environment is completely secure to avoid fines!

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