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Our values

Our colleagues testify about how are values are experienced within spotit.

To excel

Wim – COO at spotit – explains how ‘to excel’ means that just good simply isn’t good enough. We want to deliver better than good and exceed all expectations.

Jolien – Service Manager – explains how ‘to excel’ is not only about growing as a business, but about helping the employees to grow and do better as well.


Thomas – Talent Development Manager – talks about how spotit invests in human capital and explains the purpose of our very own spotit Academy.

Jürgen – CEO at spotit – explains the importance of long-term relationships with both customers and spottees.

Sanne about the importance of wellbeing at spotit


Pieter – Network and Security Engineer – explains what entrepreneurship means for him.

Jonas about the meaning of entrepreneurship at spotit

Mathieu – Security Network Architect – explains how he fulfills his role as captain of the team.