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Our values

Our colleagues testify about how are values are experienced within spotit.


Our account manager Jelle talks about the trust he has in our customers and spottees, and the other way around.

Bob was there right from the start. For our value ‘trust’ he’d love to talk about the trust he has in the organisation, the leadership and the people working here.

To excel

Jolien – Service Manager – explains how ‘to excel’ is not only about growing as a business, but about helping the employees to grow and do better as well.


Thomas – Talent Development Manager – talks about how spotit invests in human capital and explains the purpose of our very own spotit Academy.

Sanne about the importance of wellbeing at spotit


Andy – Security Consultant – explains how entrepreneurship is about both helping to achieve the organization’s goals and taking actions in function of your own personal growth.

Kim – head of HR – defines ‘self-managing teams’ within spotit and explains why we strongly believe in the added value of such teams.

Jodie – Network & Security Engineer – explains how she organizes her own sport initiatives at spotit, with the support of our management, and motivates her colleauges to participate together in several sports events.

Pieter – Network and Security Engineer – explains what entrepreneurship means for him.

Jonas about the meaning of entrepreneurship at spotit

Mathieu – Security Network Architect – explains how he fulfills his role as captain of the team.