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Jonas about the meaning of entrepreneurship at spotit

It’s undeniable. Entrepreneurship runs through the veins of Jonas, customer success manager at spotit. Since his start in 2018 he faced every challenge on his path, and now, four years later, he has learnt the true meaning of ownership. He would love to share his experiences and show you his vision for the future.


Tell us, what does your career at spotit look like?

‘I started as a project engineer, but the opportunity to develop myself further as a project manager presented itself very quickly. Due to the situation at the time, our organization faced a challenge we had to get through together. I immediately focused on that new role without any doubt.’


That’s a form of entrepreneurship as well, although I think that quality really came through after that.

‘Yes, that’s right. I was suddenly the point of contact for an entire team when I switched to a manager position. We are constantly implementing new technologies for our customers. This always leads to new challenges. On top of that, our NOC and SOC need to be operational all the time. And when things do go wrong, they all look at me. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often.’ (laughs)

‘But it’s a very crucial role, indeed. In addition, I also participate in a few side projects. I’m very passionate about optimizations and want things to continuously evolve. Because of all those responsibilities, I now know the true meaning of entrepreneurship.’

Because of all those responsibilities, I now know the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

So what is ‘entrepreneurship’ according to you?

‘Our people have loads of talent and experience, and it shows when implementing a new technology or service or when onboarding a new customer. Everyone immediately gets started on the part that matches their discipline, but sometimes you need someone to see the bigger picture. To maintain a sort of helicopter view. It’s about not thinking too much in boxes and placing responsibilities on someone else, but rather about grasping things yourself and getting on with them.’


What does entrepreneurship at spotit feel like?

‘It’s part of spotit’s DNA. Everyone gets the opportunity to pursue their passion. It’s up to you to investigate potential gaps, to explore what could benefit spotit or the customer, and to manage new projects and optimizations as a result.’


When do you consider entrepreneurship to be successful?

‘When the team realizes we are only a tool to help the customer succeed in their business. Customer satisfaction is key. Always! When my team forgets about their defined tasks and instead focuses on what the customer needs, that’s when I feel like I succeeded. I also want them to keep challenging themselves and questioning things the way they are. What’s the best course for spotit and the customer on the long term? How do we reach that? What needs to be done? That’s how we can reach full potential.’


Beautifully spoken! Do you still have certain goals within spotit?

‘Of course, I always do!’ (laughs)

‘Spotit is growing from a small scale-up to a big, international organization. That offers new challenges. Back then, they started with a small team that could count on a certain maturity, but over the years many young starters joined spotit. It’s up to us to offer them the tools they need to reach that same level. To do that, we need to create some structure, without losing our identity. Spotit stands for flexibility and shaping your own role, but it’s crucial to map out a few things in order to grow even further. And we are getting there. Still with some trial and error sometimes, but we have definitely taken the first steps in the right direction.’