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Sanne about the importance of wellbeing at spotit

As a Talent Development Coach Sanne knows how to help our spottees grow. It’s not only about offering trainings, but about much more. At spotit, we go the extra mile when it comes to a healthy work-life balance. No empty words or promises, but real investments and unforgettable moments.


A healthy work-life balance became a very hot topic, often thrown around without actually living up to it. How does spotit make a difference?

“We don’t let any important moment go by without taking the time to celebrate together. It could be someone’s birthday, the birth of a baby, Saint Nicholas, or Christmas. But we do not only focus on those big moments. We love to celebrate the small things too. Think about the successful completion of a big project. Or having a high attendance in the office after the long period of remote working. Those are the perfect moments to treat everyone to some delicious pizza.”


Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a lot of eating and clinking going on?

“We do like to toast, indeed. (laughs)

Every Friday afternoon, we organize a beer o’clock to start the weekend cheerfully. We think it’s important to regularly get everyone together. That’s why we have a quarterly team event, during which we take the time to share important business updates and to set up brainstorms across the different teams. Afterwards, there’s always time for a fun activity, like a high ropes course, a quiz or some amusement on the water. The ideal settings to elevate the team spirit and to get to know your colleagues in a different way. At the end, we hand out our ‘You Make A Difference’ award to a few nominated spottees, to give them the appreciation they highly deserve.”


Why is collegiality and wellbeing so important to spotit?

“We believe happiness in life leads to happiness at work. By taking their personal lives into account and celebrating the right moments with them, our colleagues will love to work for spotit and give their full effort on the job. Spotit has a unique culture and a familial atmosphere, which we insist on keeping intact, despite our quick growth. It’s a part of who we are and is deeply rooted in our spotit DNA.”

Spotit has a familial atmosphere that we want to keep intact. It’s a part of who we are and is deeply rooted in our spotit DNA.

How did you manage this during Corona? I can only imagine it’s not as easy to create that family feeling while working from home.

“Yes, that was indeed a challenge, but we did succeed with a little creativity. Our team events were moved online. We sent our spottees a fun cocktail package or a cheese platter at home, and enjoyed this deliciousness together online. The Glue – the management team at spotit – shared updates more frequently, to stimulate the feeling of togetherness. And we went all out on open-air activities, such as going on hikes together, go cycling, or participating in marathons. A healthy mind in a healthy body.” (winks)


How do you manage to realize all of this?

“Wellbeing is high on the agenda. Spotit provides the necessary budgets and resources to actively work on this. We truly view it as an investment in the personal growth of our colleagues! Plus, it really motivates me to see how everyone looks forward to the next initiative. Some of our spottees even plan their vacation time around team events and the spotit birthday party. They absolutely want to attend.”


Understandably! What if our readers want to join too? Do you still have some free spots at spotit?

“We do! We are still looking for talent to strengthen our teams. No matter if you already have a few years of experience, or just graduated. I highly advise to take a look at our open vacancies or to enroll in our next spotit Academy. In September, the 5th edition will start, and it will definitely be worth your time!”


Into the wild

In Into the wild Jon Krakauer concludes happiness is only real when shared. These beautiful words sum up the vision of spotit. At the same time, it is a motto Sanne lives by. What a match made in heaven.