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Why mom and dad love working at spotit

Balancing a full-time career with the joys of parenthood is no easy feat. At spotit, we understand the challenges that come with this balancing act, which is why we’ve crafted a workplace culture designed to support our employees every step of the way. From flexible schedules to remote working, discover how spotit is redefining the way parents thrive in their careers while nurturing their families. And oh, by the way, we are still looking for security & network moms and dads. 😉

They say it takes a village to raise a child

But what if that village is not enough? While our children absolutely adore the many school vacations, parents on the other hand dread solving the puzzle of summer camps, time off and their village to make sure their kids are taken care of while getting the most out of their school holidays. It’s a real hassle for Talent Acquisition Specialist Tineke and her two daughters Alexine (3,5 years) and Alizée (8 months).

“It’s a real challenge for mommy and daddy to find a good solution during the many school holidays. Luckily mommy can work from home and has lots of vacation days to take some time off and spend time with us. The summer camps they enrol us in offer plenty of fun activities to get rid of our energy. Thanks to spotit’s flexibility and those camps our parents manage to balance work and enjoy the holidays with us.” – Alexine (3,5 years)

Traffic woes? Not for spotit parents

Another big benefit about working from home? Avoiding traffic jams! Without wasting time on commuting back and forth, spotit Architect Jeroen spends his precious extra time on playing with his kids June (6 years) and Rose (2,5 years), helping them with their homework, or a quick breakfast together before starting the workday.

From ice hockey practice to customer meetings

Oliver, the 7 year old son of Security & Network Engineer Gert, is an ambitious athlete skating across the ice during ice hockey practices. His dad is very supportive and loves watching his practices during the week. Thanks to the flexible working hours and possibilities to work from home, he manages to take Oliver to most practices and cheer him on from the sidelines.

Beyond the 9-to-5: embracing flexibility for school pickup shenanigans

Juggling work, meetings and school is no easy task. Something Sanne, HR Coach at spotit, strongly agrees to. Her daughter Rosie (3,5 years) is the love of her life and Sanne prefers picking up Rosie herself as much as possible. Thanks to the understanding and flexible workspace culture at spotit, Sanne manages to pick up Rosie whenever her agenda allows it.

“I love it when mommy is waiting for me at the school gate. My days are filled with fun and learning new things and we both enjoy my stories about the school day during the car ride home. Mommy is very dedicated to her job but tries to come pick me up herself as much as possible. I know she continues working when I go to sleep, instead of watching television, but we both wouldn’t want it any other way.” – Rosie (3,5 years)

From feverish to focused

There’s no denying all the sicknesses, colds and bacteria children bring home from daycare or school. When Nora’s temperature spikes, Security & Network Engineer Laurens’ blood pressure spikes as well. When his daughter suddenly gets sick, spotit likes to accommodate when necessary and provide him with the possibility to visit a doctor and work from home to keep a close eye on his 7-month-old baby girl while meeting all his work deadlines on time!

Growing up with spotit as your second home

Alina (2,5 years), daughter of Marketing Coordinator Yoica, enjoys a life filled with travelling, going on adventures and making new friends. Spotit often organizes family events to include partners and children.

“I love going to the Easter and Saint Nicholas parties at mommy’s work to play with the other kids and meet her co-workers. They all enjoy spoiling me and the other children with attention, jokes, snacks, and lots of love. It’s the perfect occasion to set up future play dates. And mommy lets me stay up a little bit past my bedtime!” – Alina (2,5 years)

Join the spotit family

Interested in joining the spotit family and get the opportunities to balance your career and family life? Check out our vacancies or apply spontaneously!