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Spotit cycles 6,300 km and collects 10,000 euros for De Zelfmoordlijn

On Saturday April 27 we organized our 2nd edition of Tour de Spotit. No fewer than 83 friends, family members and employees put their best foot forward and cycled 6,300 kilometers in total. We raised 10,000 euros for charity De Zelfmoordlijn. With this we hope to encourage our colleague Christy after her daughter Juline took her own life last year, and we would like to draw more attention to this theme.

For the 2nd year in a row we organized ‘Tour de Spotit’, a bicycle tour of which all proceeds are donated to charity. Last year we chose Het Kinderkankerfonds, an ultimate tribute to Ruben (16) who lost an unequal battle. Steven Vynckier, CEO at spotit, knew Ruben personally very well. This year we chose raise money for De Zelfmoordlijn.

Our beloved colleague Christy lost her daughter Juline (18) in June 2023. That affected us so much that we want to dedicate this edition to her.
Steven Vynckier, CEO at spotit

“As Juline’s family and friends, we are very touched and grateful that so many people support us. We hope that such initiatives can create more awareness and make the theme of psychological vulnerability more open to discussion. It is important to break the taboo surrounding mental problems and to dare to question the current functioning in order to achieve change and improvement. Together we make the silent battle sound a little louder because it’s okay to not feel okay.” – Juline’s family

Cycling 6,300 kilometers

11 brave and early birds climbed on their bikes at 5:30 am for a route of 250 kilometers to the French border and back. 72 others chose a lighter version of 75 kilometers or the family route of 25 kilometers. A photo search was linked to this family route where the winners could win entrance tickets to the Harry Malter zoo in Destelbergen. A total of 83 participants cycled 6,300 kilometers in total.

430 pastas and more than 500 drinks

After all cyclists crossed the finish line, the pasta party started with almost 150 attendees. A food truck provided a wide range of pastas to so that our cyclists could regain their strength and all supporters present could fill their bellies. A total of 430 pastas were consumed and more than 500 refreshing drinks flew over the counter.

Less sporty colleagues can also contribute to charity from important positions such as support vehicles or supplies.
Maxim Van Gelder, security & network engineer
Months of preparation

Last year, a number of employees took the initiative to organize Tour de Spotit for the first time. The organizing team once again put their weight behind the event this year and started the first preparations months ago. From mapping out and test-riding routes, to taking first aid courses and decorating our office, everything was carefully planned and executed. Spotit could count on the commitment of 23 colleagues who wanted to bring Tour de Spotit to a successful conclusion.

“Cycling 250 km together and toiling through wind and weather provides an unforgettable experience. There is always a family atmosphere at Spotit, but the feeling of togetherness is further enhanced at events such as Tour de Spotit.” – Stijn Delbeke, security & network engineer

At spotit we think it is very important to organize these types of events and to give something back to our society. We can create more visibility for certain themes and draw attention to charities. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to bring our employees, customers and partners together during a pleasant get-together. We are satisfied, proud and satisfied, and are already looking forward to our 3rd edition in 2025! #spreadthespotitlove