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Spotit celebrates 10 years

On June 2nd, spotit celebrates its 10th anniversary. A lot happens in a decade – and certainly in a sector like cybersecurity. Founders Steven Vynckier and Frederik Rasschaert, who are still in charge of the company, look back at their journey so far and talk enthusiastically about their future plans.


How and where did it all start?
Steven: “We met each other at the IT company where we were both employed. After a while, Frederik joined my team and we started working closely together. We clicked and decided to write our own story together. We both felt that many companies offering networking and security solutions were compromising on quality. That is why our main focus from the beginning was: delivering top quality with well-trained people and thus becoming the reference in the field of connectivity and security.”
Frederik: “Starting your own business is of course a big step, but entrepreneurship runs in our blood. I have always liked to delve into technology – IT was taught to me by my father. I have been in the leadership of the youth movement for a long time and have been self-employed as a secondary profession since I was 18.”
Steven: “I was taught entrepreneurship at a young age. My father had a furniture company and my mother worked in the store. They have always given me a lot of freedom and autonomy. During my youth I was in the scouts and practiced
athletics at a fairly high level. That typifies who we are.”

“At the time of the first NOC contract, we did not yet have our own data center and the cloud did not yet exist. We started from my garage with a few PCs. What we did was safe and professional, but the equipment we had to do it with was limited. As soon as it was financially possible, we invested in the data center in Oostkamp, which we still use today. In the meantime, one has also been added in Merelbeke.” – Frederik Rasschaert

What makes spotit so special and unique today, according to you?
Steven: “The reason why we founded spotit and our strategy have not changed. We continue to focus on networks and security, with quality as a cornerstone and always with a long-term vision. And that works, as it turns out, because our customers believe that we do what we promise. They are real ambassadors for us.”
Frederik: “We really create value for our customers – through our technology but also by thinking along with the customer. And we also make a difference by striving for real partnerships with them. In every relationship there is a moment when things don’t go as well, but it’s all about dealing with it properly and that’s where we make the difference! Thanks to this approach, customers do not regard us as ‘just a supplier’, but as a real partner and companion on the route.”

“Our people are our most important assets. Without them we mean nothing. We are proud that we have the best people in network and security. They get a lot of freedom here, but they must also be able to take responsibility. We also expect them to come up with solutions to problems and make decisions. Our slogan is ‘gazze geven’.”

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