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Shattering glass firewalls – Celebrating the diverse talents of women at spotit

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day and the incredible women at spotit, who are breaking barriers and adding a touch of sparkle to the tech world! From engineering to marketing, HR, legal, and finance – our diverse talents redefine excellence with style and grace. Join us as we unveil the stories and the undeniable flair that our spotit ladies bring to the world of cybersecurity and networking.


Tech gurus in heels

Kelsey, Security & Network engineer at spotit, works in the daily operations of networking infrastructures at our customers. She embraces the differences between men and women and highly believes in the added value a woman can bring in technical jobs like engineering. For her it’s important to not highlight gender differences but to adopt a more inclusive mindset and focus on a person’s capabilities.


From algorithms to ambitions seems to be the road Sarah, Spotit Academy student, is taking. She’s currently the only woman attending our Spotit Academy, but she definitely knows how to stand her ground. She wants to make a real difference by showing women can do those typical IT jobs as well and we as a society should stop stereotyping certain jobs as ‘male’ or ‘female’. We at spotit love watching her rise and glow.


Liesbeth, Legal Advisor at spotit, has some great ideas to help women make the high-heeled step towards IT jobs. Even though it confirms traditional roles and responsibilities, we cannot deny women would appreciate certain services offered by their employer to take away some of the household chores and make room to excel at their careers. She’s thinking about ironing services, discount vouchers for fresh groceries to boost a healthy lifestyle, a carwash service and maybe even in-company childcare!

Spotit treats me like a human and not a robot.
Florence, CISO at spotit

An important notion when it comes to women feeling appreciated and validated at the work floor. A notion that is strongly supported by their colleague Nathalie (Information Security Consultant).


Spotit’s backstage divas

Sanne, Birgit, Tineke, and Valérie, the faces of HR, focus on elevating job satisfaction by implementing procedure, providing coaching sessions, organizing events, making sure everyone has their dream car and wages are paid on time. Between travelling the world and raising their children, they use their feminine touch to compensate for the male dominance in the IT landscape by working on soft skills and personal growth plans for every individual.


While the HR ladies support employees, Yoica supports the customers in her role as Marketing Coordinator. Via events, social media, the website and general communications she is the main point of contact for customers, vendors and third parties. Building bridges between different departments and external contacts is key to get the job done, and who’s better in keeping all boats afloat than a strong woman, doing it all with a big smile, long nails and in high heels.

I make sure our spotit offices are a welcoming and inspiring place for both employees and external visitors.
Stephanie, Facility and Office Coordinator

Claire, ERP Officer, makes sure our CRM and ERP systems run smoothly, providing all colleagues with top-notch tools to execute their jobs and make a difference in customer experience. Our Planning Coordinator Sofie is the one in charge of planning our networking & security experts accordingly. She makes sure the right talents are provided for each customer.

Spotit is an organization where passion meets talent. Spotit motivates us to do what we love to do and to excel in the things we’re good at.
Sofie, Planning Coordinator

Planning and organizing seems to be a strong suit of all the women employed at spotit. As a management assistant Inke is a versatile organizational jack-of-all-trades who juggles many tasks simultaneously in order to lighten the load of Steven and Frederik as much as possible. She ensures that they can shine and excel in their core responsibilities by managing their calendars, organizing meetings and drafting internal communications.

Finance, fun & fabulousness

Meet the finance team: Martine (Head of Finance and member of spotit’s management team as of 1/2/2024), Elyne and Fien (Finance Consultants), and Christy (Internal Sales Coordinator). The ladies in charge of dollars, decisions, and dazzle. With a passion for numbers and justice, they make sure spotit is a financially healthy company and seamlessly navigate the reporting waters. Who said men are better with numbers?

Excellence is not defined by gender but by a unique combination of motivation, inspiration, expertise, and teamwork. We can’t deny that diversity is a key factor in remaining at the forefront of connectivity and security innovation in Belgium and abroad. The women at spotit, in all layers of our organization, are essential to our success and the quality experience we deliver to our customers.
Wim, Head of Operations

Feeling inspired?

Ready to add your unique sparkle to the spotit constellation? We believe in the strength of diversity and welcome talented women from all walks of professional life. Explore our open vacancies and be part of a team that values your individuality, expertise, and passion. Let’s shatter glass ceilings together.