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OT/IoT security

Today, Operational Technology is increasingly linked to the IT network, or made smarter by the introduction of the Internet of Things. These integrations immediately make your OT network more susceptible to many new risks and threats.

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What is OT/IoT security?

Operational Technology (OT) networks are no longer isolated. In a world where everything is connected and automated, smooth integration between OT and IT is essential. Why? Because it significantly reduces costs and allows increases in productivity and performance. Unfortunately, this also means that your OT network becomes more susceptible to external threats. By means of an Industrial Security Assessment, we map out the risks in your environment and make concrete recommendations for better protecting your environment.  

What are the benefits?

Insights in your network

Operational environments have traditionally been poorly documented. Spotit maps out your entire OT/IoT environment. 


Concrete plan

By way of this assessment, you will gain more insight into your environment, the processes, the access points, and the users. And we guide you in more effectively managing it all from a security point of view. 

Sharpening compliance requirements

Sharpen your compliance requirements and demonstrate them where necessary.  

Non-disruptive integration

Our specific approach is non-disruptive and ensures convergence between your IT and operational environments. 

What will you get?

  • We map out your existing OT environment.
  • Detection of potential security risks.
  • Elaboration of a high-level design for the ‘network-to-be’ that fully meets the requirements of your business.
  • A concrete roadmap including quick wins in the short term and best practices for the long term.
  • Implementation of the roadmap and integration within the spotit NOC/SOC.

Why is this a priority?

As industrial systems become increasingly connected to the IT network, they also become more exposed to vulnerabilities. The significant difference in the lifecycle between your IT and OT environments means that IT-related threats that were addressed long ago – and perhaps even forgotten – suddenly become hot topics again as soon as your OT environment is connected. In addition to this, the focus in OT environments lies on performance, availability, and reliability, making the implementation of IT security solutions, processes, and procedures a significant challenge.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents us once again with new security challenges. Adding a non-traditional device to the network opens up many possibilities for reporting, monitoring, or optimising the user experience, but at the same time creates new risks in terms of security.  


Spotit can provide the necessary technology to enable you to monitor your OT network on a continuous basis. We look at the assets that connect to the network, whether they have vulnerabilities, and whether there are anomalies in the network traffic. It is also possible to fully integrate this into our SOC, allowing spotit to watch over these matters for you, so that you can concentrate on your core business. 

Yes, it does. Our approach is based on standards and best practices, such as the Purdue model and IEC 62443, among others. 

Spotit can perform an assessment against IEC 62443, the global standard for the security of Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. 

Is your organization in line with the new NIS2 directive?

We expect the Belgian transposition of the EU directive by 17/10/2024. Make sure your environment is completely secure to avoid fines!

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