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High-level design

Via een high-level design bezorgen we u een conceptueel overzicht van uw netwerk- en/of securityoplossingen, rekening houdend met de noden van uw bedrijf, alsook de huidige situatie van uw IT-omgeving.

Network high-level design

What is a high-level design?

When building a house, the architect‘s plan is the foundation, both literally and figuratively. Ideally, the same is true when building a new network or security infrastructure. Introducing new applications into your business always has an impact on your network and on security. Therefore, a global overview and strategic vision of the desired network is crucial for ensuring the future. Taking into account the needs of your business, we provide you with a high-level design for your desired network. This way, we make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction.  

What are the benefits?

A plan

A plan, in line with your business needs, that guides the construction and implementation of your infrastructure. 




A fast and secure network

A fast and secure network that is always available. 

Customized design

A scalable, future-oriented, and realistic design.  

Easy TCO

Takes into account the total TCO, including the management costs. 

What will you get?

  • A high-level design of your network and security environment.
  • Translation of the client’s business requirements into a logical design, down to the product-family level.
  • Summary of theadvantages of the chosen design, including any alternative options.
  • A design that can easily be translated into a concrete project plan and corresponding budget.
Network high-level design

How do we work?

  1. Identification of the objectives and needs of the client. 
  2. Elaboration and description of the high-level design. 
  3. Discussion of the high-level design with the client and any fine-tuning required based on the feedback.  

Why is this a priority?

For forward-thinking IT professionals, a fast and secure network is a strategic advantage. It can also be a tool to support the growth of the business and to achieve the goals of the future. In addition, a strategic plan will enable you to keep track of the various costs and avoid wasting unnecessary budget.