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Detect & respond service

Sooner or later, every organization will have to deal with a cyber attack. The question is how quickly your teams can detect incidents, and how quickly they can respond to them. We monitor your environment 24/7 via the Spotit SOC and quickly detect and eliminate breaches.

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What is detect & respond?

The question is not whether your company will be subject to a cyberattack, but when it will happen. 100% cybersecurity through prevention is a utopia. However, you can be as prepared as possible by assessing how quickly you can detect a cybersecurity incident and how quickly your teams can respond to it.

What are the benefits?

A planned approach

We take an end-to-end approach whereby we start from a maturity assessment in order to systematically increase security maturity.

Automation and standardisation

The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced tooling ensures that the security analysts from the SOC can concentrate on the real security incidents.

Use of an open platform

An open platform that allows the integration of all kinds of log sources and enrichments.

Professional help

Behind the scenes, you are assisted by a full CSIRT team, not only analysts but also SOC, CISO, DPO, engineers and service managers.

NOC and SOC integration

The option to integrate NOC and SOC services to provide a complete end-to-end service.

What can you expect?

  • An efficient strategy and the necessary tools to detect security breaches (almost) in real-time.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your environment with a focus on detection and repelling cyberattacks and breaches.
  • An elaborate response & recovery plan to limit the damage of a breach and ensure that your business continues to operate.
  • A clear action plan to handle incidents.
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How do we work?

  1. We determine the current state of the business, the quick wins and a roadmap using a cybersecurity maturity assessment.
  2. Tuning of the existing environment and implementation of the quick wins.
  3. Transition to the SOC: documenting, making agreements with the customer about processes and policies, etc.
  4. The SOC service goes live: monitoring via SIEM, SOAR, analysis and threat hunting, red & blue teaming for continuous optimisation, etc.
  5. Potentially, a new cybersecurity maturity assessment to evaluate and adjust.

Why is this a priority?

If your cybersecurity fails, the key is to detect an incident as soon as possible. Currently, this typically takes 200 days for many companies. With an efficient strategy and the necessary tools, we help you to detect incidents quickly. It is then a matter of limiting the damage and ensuring that your business continues to operate. Thanks to the response & recovery plan, you have everything under better control.

Is your organization in line with the new NIS2 directive?

We expect the Belgian transposition of the EU directive by 17/10/2024. Make sure your environment is completely secure to avoid fines!

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