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The Belgian Federation of Foodbanks

The Belgian Federation of Foodbanks has a completely new, safe and efficient network. As a result, they manage to distribute food parcels more efficiently to the least advantaged. This was much to the satisfaction of the many Foodbank volunteers. This great project was made possible thanks to the generous hardware donation from Cisco and the great enthusiasm of our spotit engineers. We are proud to contribute to a better society through this unique project.


The need for a professional network

Due to COVID-19 and the energy crisis, the volume of food parcels has increased to such an extent it became impossible for the volunteers working at the Belgian Federation of Foodbanks to manually count supplies. An automated system with barcode scanners allows to work more efficiently, reduces errors, and guarantees correct reporting to the government. To realize this system, a stable and secure network was needed.


A beautiful collaboration between 3 parties

Cisco wants to create an inclusive future for everyone. As part of their donation program, Cisco donated the necessary network material to the Belgian Federation of Foodbanks.

The hardware needs to be installed, managed and monitored 24/7 as well. Our spotit Security & Network Engineers rolled out entirely new networks in the warehouses and implemented them in the spotit NOC. This allows us to respond and intervene quickly when certain alerts from network devices pop up.

Spotit is a great partner! There’s no doubt about that. From the start, they handle their clients wonderfully and they remain very vigilant.
Bart Buckinx, Managing Director at Foodbank Limburg

A beautiful partnership

Foodbank Limburg now has a professional network consisting of 15 access points providing stable and secure Wi-Fi throughout the entire warehouse. We hooked up several devices to the network, like burglar alarms and camera surveillance.


What does the future bring?

As soon as the project in Limburg is completed, spotit will provide the Foodbanks in Antwerp and Liège with a new network and onboarding in the spotit NOC as well. In total, 6 of the 9 Foodbanks will benefit from our spotit services.

Publication date: April 16, 2024