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Net Promoter Score - How do customers perceive spotit?

Would you recommend spotit to a colleague or friend? It’s the core question we ask our customers year after year. For over 7 years in a row, spotit has commissioned an extensive Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey by an external party. This strategic initiative aims to gain deeper insight into what customers really think about our services and to identify areas for improvement. We’re happy to share the key insights and our NPS score.

How satisfied are you with spotit’s services?

With spotit’s sustainable growth ambitions firmly in sight, customer satisfaction is paramount. To measure this – yes, measurement is key – a random selection of customers is surveyed annually. Through NPS research, we gain a holistic view of how customers currently experience the collaboration and a better understanding of their future expectations. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), a clear indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty, serves as a compass for this mission.

The NPS can range from -100 to 100. Any score above 0 is considered good, as it means you have more promoters than detractors. Generally, a score above 50 is deemed excellent, while a score above 70 is exceptional. However, these high scores are quite rare. In many sectors, an NPS between 30 and 50 is a realistic goal and is considered an indication of good customer satisfaction.

With an impressive NPS score of 41, spotit can certainly position itself as a leading and robust service provider in the IT sector. Customers highlight spotit’s expertise, customer focus, and reliability as core strengths. The feedback received reflects a deep trust in spotit’s ability to act as a reliable partner and expert, distinguished by a direct approach and always with a great deal of expertise in cybersecurity & IT networking.

Interactions with the spotit team are highly professional and conducted with a high level of expertise. Collaborations result in good outcomes, and they always strive to work towards the best possible solution, taking into account the budget and goals of the company.
Rudi de Jonge, Senior ICT Specialist, Aurubis Beerse

Quality, speed, and professionalism

The 2023 survey consistently highlights terms such as quality, speed, and professionalism. What exactly does this mean? The quality of service is reflected, among other things, in spotit’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs. The face-to-face aspect and the responsiveness to urgent matters are highly valued. Additionally, professionalism, with an approach where spotit is seen more as a colleague than an external entity, is recognized as one of the keys to successful collaboration.

The quality of service is really top-notch. Spotit distinguishes itself by being responsive and making frequent on-site visits to resolve issues. Even in urgent situations, you can see that spotit is eager to brainstorm and be close to the customer.
Satisfied spotit customer, Milcobel

How can we further improve spotit’s services?

With only good news, we obviously don’t make progress. Attentively listening to what can be improved and being critical of ourselves is and remains the message. The survey also identified some areas for improvement. More proactive communication, more efficient information dissemination, and sharing insights and benchmarks with customers are mentioned. We will, of course, address these areas and see them as great opportunities to further increase overall customer satisfaction.


Conclusion: continue to strive for excellence and customer focus

With an impressive NPS score of 41, spotit customers indicate that they are indeed satisfied with the solutions and services provided. This positive result encourages us to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of our organization and to continue delivering customer-focused solutions that truly add value. Yes, we can! #spreadthespotitlove

Looking for a strong partner for your next cybersecurity & networking challenge? Get to know spotit! We’re eager to listen to your concerns and share our knowledge with you.