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Human intelligence as a differentiator in Security Operations

Protecting your organization is not just a matter of investing in cyber security tools. Security Operations is not a static event and must evolve over time with the changing business. These are two statements that Service Development Manager Jelle explains in detail in this article. He is talking about a shift from a purely technology-driven to a business-driven approach in how cyber attacks and incident handling are handled. The essential role of human intelligence within a Security Operations Center (SOC) is strongly emphasized. Watch this 20 minute video and learn more about setting up a high-performance managed detection & response service.

From protect to defend

Broad-scale attacks are becoming more and more ‘targeted’. This is done by new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Automation. This only makes it more difficult and complex for the ‘defender’. Especially because everything is increasingly distributed, which only increases the ‘attack surface’.

The power of the people

Deploying more and more people on Security Operations is impossible. That is why we look at powerful technology platforms that take over incident handling end-to-end in an automated manner. So it is not about how many SOC analysts you have active, but how efficiently they work, supported by the right tools.

Most customers (or MDR service providers) can tell me every tool they have in their SOC but cannot tell me how they use those tools to achieve better security.

Today it is about more than just using smart technology. How do you ensure that your SOC is relevant to your business? How can you better protect your crown jewels? There is an important role for ‘human intelligence’ here.

The SOC Security Officer

An important role where human intelligence is definitely a differentiator is the SOC security officer. He or she has a facilitating role and is the bridge between IT operations & SOC operations. His or her task is to ensure that the security services within the organization evolve with the changing business. After all, nothing is more painful than monitoring or protecting the wrong things. Knowing that many companies are anything but static, it is advisable to make regular adjustments and thus adapt the protection of the business. A SOC security officer plays a crucial role here. Some characteristics for someone with such a profile are:

  • Bridge builder between business and IT
  • Multidisciplinary connected
  • Transcends the operational level
  • Develops a unique MDR approach
  • Processes continuous ‘in-flight’ improvement projects

Would you like to know more about Security Operations and how ‘human intelligence’ makes the difference?

Watch Jelle’s explanation:

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