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Cyber Incident Impact Analysis

Spotit is regularly asked for insights into recent cyber security incidents, how they happened, and what could be learned from them. In this FREE ebook, spotit attempts to analyse recent cyber incidents to derive lessons learned and provide actionable guidance for Belgian companies. Everything in this ebook is based on public information and, where applicable, spotit expertise is leveraged for deeper analysis.
This ebook provides a technical, non-biased, view on cyber incidents, how they happen, and what companies can do to improve their cyber security posture.

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Spotit strongly believes in sharing information to make the world a safer digital place. That’s why we developed this FREE ebook with practical tips to elevate your cybersecurity level.

In this FREE ebook, you will find more information on:

  • The benefits of vulnerability prediction
  • How attacks occur, from the initial vector to the outcome
  • The added value of reports like the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report
  • Global well-known hacks and breaches
  • Spotit’s recommendations on how to prevent a breach
  • Much more
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