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Spotit Wellbeing Program

Fun initiatives to encourage exercise and mental well-being.

wellbeing running shoes

Work hard, play hard

At spotit, we work hard for our clients. This means that most of our employees spend a lot of time sitting in front of their computer screens. Yet, we believe that exercise and mental health are also very important. Our motto isn’t ‘Work hard, play hard’ for nothing. To really work on the body and the mind, we regularly organise fun activities and initiatives that can be enjoyed individually or with a group:

  • Weekly Start2Swim lessons in both Merelbeke and Herk-de-Stad.
  • Sporty colleagues participating in the 10-mile? Spotit is happy to support you!
  • Fancy a triathlon? No problem at all.
  • Ergonomic office furniture in all spotit offices. Stand-up desks, desk bikes, and sitting balls. In other words, no more backache or stiff legs from sitting still for too long.

Do you have any other proposals or suggestions? Please let us know.