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Swapping spreadsheets for sweatbands: spotit's greatest sport triumphs

At spotit, we believe a healthy body fuels a sharp mind, essential for excelling in cybersecurity and networking. We support our employees’ passion for sports, from cycling and marathons to mountain climbing and Ironman challenges. Read epic stories about the remarkable sports achievements of our colleagues, showcasing their dedication to fitness and excellence both in and out of the office.

From flat tires to finish lines: our cycling adventures

Ewoud, Security & Network Engineer, was looking for a cycling challenge close to home when De Ronde Van Vlaanderen captured his attention. A cyclo of 236 kms for which he prepared 4 months by combining spinning at home and cycling outdoors.

“The biggest tip I can share for anyone looking for a challenge, is to believe in yourself right from the start. If you put your mind to it, the legs will follow a lot better than you initially thought.” – Ewoud

Steven, CEO at spotit, cycled 250 kms during our very own Tour de Spotit, together with friends, colleagues and partners. He firmly believes this is the perfect start for anyone getting into cycling, but highly advises to start training in advance. It took him 6 months to achieve the required physical condition, but it’s totally worth it to work towards a target while raising money for charity and giving back to our community. See you next year, during our annual Tour de Spotit?

Crossing borders and pushing limits

We consider Andy, Security & Network Engineer, a true Ironman hero. He finished the Ironman Maastricht in 2022, the Ironman Frankfurt in 2023, and the obstacle run Iron Viking. Luckily, he’s a sports addict who can rely on a solid base, but he’s always looking for the next challenge.

“I have this strange fascination to explore the limits of what I am capable of. I mostly start these adventures with the question: am I possible to push my body to finish the endeavour or will I find my limits while trying? It feels incredible to finish something you were not certain of if you would be able to do it!” – Andy

Last week, Stijn (Security & Network Engineer) rode his bike solo from Ghent to Lake Garda in Italy in only 8 days! He covered around 1.400 kms and almost 20.000 meters of elevation. He crossed the Swiss and Italian Alps and shared his incredible journey via his social media. Thinking back on it puts a big smile on his face. “Setting goals that seem out of reach at first, and can be achieved eventually, give a great boost to your self-confidence. Since you have to work hard during the effort, both physically and mentally (which is often underestimated), the satisfaction afterwards is REALLY rewarding.” – Stijn

Mountain Mavens: the women of spotit biking and hiking to the top

Sara, Accountant, climbed Mont Ventoux on bike together with colleagues, family and friends. A challenging but unforgettably rewarding experience, since her brother joined her and waited for her at the top with his arms wide open. Not only did she get closer to her brother during this shared experience, she also met the love of her life during the preparation months and got married 5 years later.


“While we were getting ready at the start, the song ‘highway to hell’ was playing through the speakers. An hour later, I understood why. I went from laughing to shedding a tear, because the whole experience was more challenging than anticipated, but I refused to give up. I felt really proud to hear I was the first woman of our group to cross the finish line!” – Sara

Sanne, HR Project Coordinator, seeks hiking challenges while travelling abroad. She discovered Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka, known to be the greatest mountain hiking challenge in Asia, with its 6000 steps and a temperature difference of over 30° C from the bottom to the top.

Sanne started the climb at midnight to watch sunrise at the top, but was pleasantly surprised when it took her only 3 hours to reach the top, compared to the average time of 5 to 7 hours.

“When you reach the top, you get to ring a bell as many times as you reached the top and finished the challenge. I’m really looking forward to climb Adam’s peak again and ring the bell twice.” – Sanne

Sprinting to success: conquering marathons

Florence, Information Security Consultant, ran a full marathon in Rotterdam to cross it off her bucket list. We appreciate her honesty when she explains the whole experience was a bit dull and boring for her. It actually even shattered her interest in running for a while, but now she’s back at it, with mostly forest trails to enjoy the beautiful scenery. She even discovered a few new interests like kite surfing and riding enduro, a form of motorbike racing, and signed up for intensive surf courses. Stay tuned!

Last, but definitely not least, we have Davy (Security & Network Engineer) who beat all records running the Antwerp 10 miles in only 1 hour! Davy is known for his ambition and always pushing himself to the next level. It was never a question if he would finish the 10 miles, but rather how fast. He reminisces about how he was flooded with emotions and discovering new capabilities when he crossed that finish line. Next up? Breaking even more records, of course!

These epic stories clearly showcase spotit’s spirit of determination, resilience and triumph. Inspired by our culture of achievement and ready to join a team where passion meets purpose? Check out our open vacancies or apply spontaneously to learn more about our mindset and culture. Let’s push boundaries and exceed expectations together!