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Sneak preview on future network operations

“Spotit wants to get maximum value from technology.” These are words from CTO Frederik Rasschaert. To reinforce his statement, he likes to outline a concept – looking into the future – when it comes to developing a high-performance and secure network environment. An important result, with existing technologies that can already be realized today.


As a ‘teaser’ you will receive some statements from this 20-minute inspirational session:

  • The user experience must be the same and secure everywhere, seamlessly. It is important to have insights into where the user experience is NOT good. This is possible with digital user experience management. A trend that we are increasingly moving towards.
  • More and more applications run in the cloud. Protecting these with security-as-a-service solutions from the cloud is useful and valuable.
  • Setting up a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform from which user connectivity and management is arranged is an interesting avenue with many advantages. This way, operational efficiency is greatly increased and a very high security level can be maintained.
  • Identity Management is and will remain important in the future. Supplemented with behavioural analytics, you can better protect users.
  • You need to secure not only access to the cloud application, but also the cloud application itself. CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) is a cloud security solution used for this purpose, where you go to your SaaS platform via APIs and analyze behaviour, the data itself, and even threats that may be there.
  • The classic story of ‘castle security’ is no longer valid. Today we will fully integrate and embed our security in the cloud.
  • For data center security, we apply the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principle of “never trust, always verify” where access to network resources is granted only after strict authentication and authorization.
  • Nowadays you not only see more ‘users’ on most networks, but there are also many and increasing numbers of ‘IoT devices’. Naturally, these must also be analyzed and secured and access to the network of these devices must be done in a secure manner.


Watch the full session:


Would you like to take another look at your network architecture? Would you like to develop a ‘future-proof’ network environment and are you looking for a companion?

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