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Back to the future: celebrating 10 years spotit

On June 8th we gathered at the idyllic Hottentothoeve in Bonheiden to celebrate 10 years spotit. Enthusiastic employees and partners dressed up, shared stories about the past years, and danced the night away. Discover the epic tales of our spottees and the spotit founders.

Back to the future

The entire event was themed ‘back to the future’. From the invitation and poster, to the decorations, drinks and celebratory present. We decorated the venue with pictures of our spottees when they were 10 years old. A fun and sometimes challenging game to guess which picture belongs to which colleague!

The party theme only made sense, since this 10-year edition is one to look back and look forward. Our founders Steven and Frederik reminisced on the beginning years of spotit, shared funny anecdotes about the past 10 years, and have a clear goal for what’s to come. And both Steven and Frederik love the ‘Back to the Future’ movies, as you can clearly see in our event poster!

We will continue to focus on professionalization without losing sight of our culture and values. The solid foundation we built over the past two years is finished. Now it’s full speed forward and facing the future with an open mind.
Frederik, founder of spotit

The story behind spotit

Founders Steven and Frederik gave a heartfelt speech and took us all back to the beginning years of spotit, when a small group of ambitious professionals started this adventure in Frederik’s garage. Over the past 10 years, spotit quickly grew from a start-up to a scale-up with over a 100 driven employees, lots of interesting customer projects, lessons learned, and lots of unforgettable moments. The ambitions for the future are clear: we want to be the best, not the biggest! A goal they feel certain about, thanks to our spotit DNA hardwired in all employees: entrepreneurship, trust, to excel, and human-to-human.

Spotit is a place where I have not only grown professionally but also built valuable relationships. Over the years, I have seen spotit grow into a close-knit group of professionals who strive together for a common goal, and I have formed real friendships.
Pieterjan, spottee since the beginning of spotit

Love goes through the stomach

It’s no secret that our employees love good food. To tailor to their needs, a food truck provided them with a wide range of finger food, burgers, fish & chips, desserts, and even a late-night snack to make sure everyone leaves the party satisfied and fulfilled. We sent them back home with a special celebratory gift: a box of 10 carefully selected chocolates, each one representing a spotit year.

Spottees do appreciate a delicious drink as well. During the reception, we poured spotit champagne, and we brewed our very own spotit beer for the occasion as well. We really did think about everything!

Putting this event together has been quite a ride, full of careful planning and paying attention to every little aspect. From picking a remarkable venue to making sure every detail adds to an unforgettable experience, a lot of care has been put into each task. Watching everyone come together to celebrate this big milestone is incredibly rewarding. It’s not just about celebrating ten years of success; it’s about appreciating the journey and all the people who made it happen.
Inke, Management Assistant

Spotallica on stage

No, it’s not a typo, but our very own spotit band! Our spottees have many talents, from cybersecurity and connectivity, to playing the guitar or drums, or screaming along hardcore metal songs. The idea was born during a get-together between a few colleagues to gather all musical talents working at spotit and have some fun. They quickly realized there’s real potential and talent present, thus they decided to take it to the next level, form a real band, schedule weekly practice sessions, and work towards the ultimate goal: performing during the spotit anniversary party.

And they delivered! One hour filled with rock and disco classics to start the festivities of the night. They put their hearts and souls into it, and we all enjoyed their enthusiasm and theatrics. They conquered challenges like including a trumpet in their covered songs, and switching instruments live on stage, so all guitarists get to play the bass guitar. Talk about a show!

For their final act, they invited our founders Steven and Frederik on stage to join them in performing ‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters, one of their favourite songs, dedicated to them.

For those wondering what’s next for Spotallica… selling out shows at Het Sportpaleis, of course!

It’s funny we named the band Spotallica, because there are actually no songs by Metallica in our set. We laughed so many times about wanting to add Metallica songs to our playlist, but never did, so it only seemed right to make a reference in our band name.
Kelsey, Singer at Spotallica

Dance the night away

The well-known DJ Gunther D took over the stage after Spotallica to officially open the dance floor. Blacklights shone on all party animals, while Frederik’s brother took over the DJ booth and played his set until the early morning hours.

Your turn?

Want to join our next edition in June 2025? Check out our open vacancies or apply spontaneously, and who knows, maybe we will welcome you soon and see you rock & roll on stage next year?